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popular electronics

The legendary magazine that inspired the launches of dozens of technology companies—including, most famously, Microsoft and Apple. As the world’s #1 source for electronics information, this iconic title is a fountainhead of innovation via a unique editorial model that seamlessly traverses the hobbyist/maker to the professional engineer. When we say “all signal, no noise,” we really mean it.

Mechanix Illustrated

From the pursuit of perpetual motion to the physics of golf on the moon; gravity-defying carpentry to mind-blowing cloaking metamaterials; automotive hacks to water clocks; human-powered flight to mechanical flights of fancy—if it’s amazing, you’ll find it here. Experience Mechanix Illustrated’s renowned legacy as the ultimate hands-on DIY guide to all things mechanical.

concept car

ConceptCar, integrated within Mechanix Illustrated, is the first and only publication to focus exclusively on new and emerging advanced automotive technologies, including all the intriguing innovations that will make the next generation of cars more exciting, smarter, safer, autonomous, and connected. It promises to be quite a ride.

internet of things

Internet of Things, integrated within Popular Electronics, is all about the exciting breakthroughs that are enabling the previously impossible or simply unimagined. With more than 50 billion connected devices across the globe, you’re about to enjoy unprecedented visibility and control over every object in your life. And Internet of Things magazine is your ultimate guide to making it all work.

Popular Astronomy

Astronomy is one of the few sciences where amateurs play a vital role. And Popular Astronomy—launched in 1893—is the magazine that started it all, igniting the amateur astronomy movement. From astronomy news to archaeoastronomy, astrophysics to cosmology, radio astronomy to backyard stargazing, space exploration to celestial mechanics, if it’s out of this world, it’s now within your view.

Metamaterial World

Metamaterials are an entirely new class of materials engineered to defy the natural order of things. By manipulating electromagnetic waves with arrays of tiny components (inductors, capacitors, and other elements), metamaterials block, absorb, enhance, and even bend waves to do the seemingly impossible. From superlenses to invisibility cloaks, Metamaterial World casts life in a whole new light.

Life Science

While biology remains the centerpiece of the life sciences, technological advances in molecular biology and biotechnology have led to a burgeoning of new interdisciplinary fields. Life Science magazine is focused on these developments, with insightful explorations of new research and emerging trends, including nanomedicine, epigenetics, bioelectronics, and neurotechnologies.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is the next big frontier in Big Data innovation—and it will leave no field untouched. Join us here to learn how to design and apply deep neural networks for computer vision, speech recognition, and more, with applications spanning facial recognition to autonomous vehicles, surveillance to medical diagnoses, bioinformatics to fraud prevention.

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